Austrian Open 2017

26th April 2017


A stellar performance from the Mavericks Martial Arts team over the weekend at the Austrian Open. The team represented Mavericks incredibly well and although they didn’t come back with as many medals as hoped they came away with some great results and experience.

Day one was points fighting, Giorgio Visioli won his first fight in the -52kg points against a top German fighter, but narrowly missed out on the next one 4-2  in very close fight to a fantastic Italian kicker. In the -47kg he lost out to the eventual silver medallist by 2 points 5-3 in a tough fight but again fought well.

Lizzie Bell made it to the quarter finals in the -70kg, fought brilliantly and won against the first 2 opponents narrowly losing out on the 3rd fight against the eventual winner in a close contest! In the +70kg she lost out by one point in extra time to a experienced Czech fighter but again put in an excellent performance.


Day two was Light Contact, Chief Instructor Alex Kennedy fought in -84kg and -89kg, and although he fought well lost to the eventual winners of both sections, the -89kg to the world number 1 and very narrowly to a fantastic Italian fighter.


Lizzie had her first section next, the -70kgs, where she beat a very heavy handed full contact fighter, landing lots of head kicks but having to watch out for big overhands! She then came up against the current WAKO World champion and although she lost, Lizzie gave her a great fight.


Giorgio fought in two weight categories again, in the -52kg he was brilliant winning his first fight against a top fighter and only losing out by only a point or two to the eventual winner of the category in the second round. In the -47kg he smashed through the first round, but unfortunately in the 2nd he came up against an awkward fighter from Bahrain also not helped by some bad decisions by the referee.


Lizzie was the last fighter of the day for the team in the +70kgs where she came up against a very strong Croatian fighter who won her section but Liz was fantastic and even had her opponent running from her at the end to cling on to her lead!


All in all a seriously high quality competition so team did amazingly well!