Best Fighter (Rimini) 2017

21st June 2017

Over the weekend of June 16th, Mavericks Chief Instructor Alex Kennedy and student Giorgio Visoli,14,  took the trip over to Rimini, (Italy) to compete in Best Fighter- It’s a massive competition and one of the WAKO world cup that contributes to World Rankings. On Saturday was the points, and Sunday the Light Continuous.


On the Saturday, Giorgio was competing in the -47kg and -52kg Advanced Boys Points Fighting sections. In the first round of the -52kg he beat a far taller Bulgarian National fighter show a great range of movement and timing, only to fall at the quarter finals to the overall winner and a phenomenal fighter. In the -47kg he again won the first fight convincingly to only again narrowly lose to the winner of the section.


On Sunday, Giorgio was up again first competing in the -47kg Light Continuous section. After a slightly cagey first fight where he beat a difficult Spanish fighter, he then overcame a very good Slovenian in real style in the next round. In the semi finals he had to overcome a tricky Italian fighter, which he did so with some room to spare. In the final he came up against an excellent Swiss opponent and after the first tactical round, Giorgio was only slightly ahead. However after a pick up in pace he then started to move away from the Swiss fighter and won comfortably taking his first international title!


Alex competed in the Senior Mens -84kg Light Continuous and in the quarter finals he had a Russian opponent who was part of the national team. The Russian started very aggressively but by using more movement and timing Alex started to land more clean shots scoring more points than his opponent. After several warnings the Russian started losing more points for not breaking properly and by the end there was a big gap between them. In the semi-finals he had an Italian national fighter who had recently won the Austrian Classic WAKO World Cup. They had a great contest which swung back and forth and unfortunately Alex lost by only a couple of points but could have gone either way. However, taking a bronze at the level of this competition was a good result.

Another fantastic result for the Mavericks Fighting Team- and a big congratulations to Giorgio for coming home with that 1st international title! #mavericksontour