CIMAC 2017

20th September 2017

Fantastic results form this years CIMAC tournament in held in Windsor last weekend. We had a number of students competing at various levels and again the Mavericks team achieved some great results and experience.


Zak Mansfield- CIMAC was Zak’s first competition and he entered at Novice boys under -34kg catergory.  He won his first 3 fights with some amazing timing  and techniques, narrowly missing out in the final to a much more experienced fighter but taking home a well earned SILVER and some great experience.


Angelica Goodey- Angelica was entered into the Girls advanced points -42kg division despite having only competed once previously in a tournament. She won her first fight comfortably, just losing out in the semi final against a much more experienced fighter but took home a fantastic BRONZE. She also fought in the +37kg light continuous, winning her first fight but in her second coming up against a much heavier and experienced opponent, fighting hard but ultimately the size of her opponent was too much and she just lost out.


Giorgio Visoli- Giorgio entered 3 divisions   -47kg, -52kg light contact and -52kg in points. -52kg light contact first fight was an easy win, in his second light contact he won his first fight against a tough competitor with a brilliant display of fighting. In the final he narrowly lost out to the current WAKO world champion. In the points he came up against the same opponent and unfortunately lost out in sudden death after a great round taking SILVER.  In -47kg he comfortably won all his rounds and took GOLD.


Chris Fielder- This was Chris’ first competition, he entered in Adults Novice/ Intermediate Points + 75Kg. He won his first fight, losing in the semi final against team mate Chris Harvey after a brilliant display. He then went on to narrowly miss out on 3rd place against a much more experienced fighter but over all did a fantastic job and gained some great experience.

Chris Harvey- Chris entered Advanced light contact -80kg and intermediate points +75kg. Unfortunately for his both categories were running contemporaneously but he did a fantastic job winning his first round of light contact against a tricky opponent. He then beat team mate Chris Fielder in points semi final, went back to Light contact and lost narrowly in the final to an experienced fighter while fatigued! He then went back to fight in the points final, gaining momentum and taking GOLD.


All in all a great day and some great new experiences for some first time competioon fighters! Well done to all the Mavericks Fighters who competed.