Adults training Kickboxing and MMA at Mavericks Martial arts in Guildford

Adult Kickboxing

The Adults Kickboxing program is from age 13 upwards. We have an amazing diverse mix of students here with varying levels of fitness and ability. The beginners program will take you through the basic techniques of kickboxing, until you are ready to move on to the advanced course which can take you all the way up to black belt level. Book your free trial class now. Click here!

The classes consist of fitness, strength and conditioning on top of the kickboxing techniques. From someone looking to get fit to someone who wants to push their limits there is something for everyone, and is much more exciting and interesting than running on a treadmill. The Mavericks instructors all compete at National/International level and we have more than a few title holders at the academy.

Book your free trial class now.  Click here and give it a go!