COVID-19 Update: Frequently Asked Questions

21st March 2020

Hi Everyone,

The latest government advice regarding with COVID-19, which enforced gym closures, reinforces the decision we made to close our gym earlier this week.  As expected, we have been receiving many calls and emails regarding our intentions going forward, especially over the coming weeks. To try and answer some of your questions we have put together some Q&As below.

Response to COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: When will you reopen?
A: As soon as we are allowed to reopen and it’s safe for you all to train. Expectations are being set in line with the government advice and we will be in constant communication with you. You can be reassured that we want to, and will, reopen as soon as we possibly and safely can.

Q: Can I have a refund on missed classes or do a make-up session?
A: While we do not provide money refunds, we will give credits for free training once we reopen our doors. These credits will cover any period for which the gym has been closed. e.g. If we stay close for x weeks, you will receive x weeks free training in credits that you can use when we return. Note that to soften the impact of this in our finances, the credits will be given in a staggered manner. Students will be randomly split into 4 groups and each group will receive the free training credits over the coming weeks after we reopen.  

Alternatively, if you are not happy with the above, you can of course request to cancel your membership. As discussed before, please do consider that this option will have a significant impact on our ability to continue our services once this is over, and you may not have a gym to come back to.

Q: What services will you provide during closure? Will there be any online content or training program?
A: Yes, from Monday 23rd of March, our instructors will start releasing instructional training videos and programs. These will be provided in members-only platforms both on Social Media and via Live stream sessions. We have initially created an Instagram account @mavericks_training –  & Facebook group Mavericks Training (send us a Facebook message to be added to the group). These are for members only, and you will find home workouts, techniques and instructional videos from all our instructors. Non-paying general public will not be given access to this exclusive and tailored content. There will also be live online sessions scheduled from next week, we will let you know via all our social media channels, and email.
We thank you for your continued support and hope many of you will join us making the most we can to stay strong as a family through these unprecedented times.

Mavericks Team