About Us

We at Mavericks believe that once you become involved in Martial arts it becomes a way of life. Whatever your goals- whether you are looking to learn a martial art, to get fit, to compete, to learn to defend yourself, make friends or just try something new Mavericks can help you to achieve them.

Meet Our Instructors

Our Martial Arts

Here at Mavericks, we feel we have a great mix of Martial Arts that covers everything you could need from great striking to ground work which are broken up into our separate kickboxing and Jiu jitsu programs but we also blend together in our MMA classes.

Fitness: Martial artists who compete are required to have some of the highest levels of fitness in any sport- even after a few weeks the most unfit person will see changes and improvements in their fitness levels if they put the work in.In our kickboxing program the higher up the belt system you go the more will be required of you- a Black belt would be expected to complete 200 sit ups, push ups and squat thrusts during the grading! Anyone part of the MMA and Jiu Jitsu programs must be of optimum fitness to be able to compete. Martial Arts is ideal for anyone looking to really improve fitness levels, strength and speed, whilst having fun and learning new skills.

Respect and Discipline: These are the foundations of any martial art, and something we really promote at Mavericks. From the Mini Mavericks program which starts at 4 years old all the way through to the adult classes, we discourage disrespect such as chatting during class or use of bad language. Students are also required to always wear their uniform including belt. All of these and more are fundamental in promoting respect and discipline, without which Martial Arts would not exist.

Socialising- It’s not all serious at Mavericks- we have a great community here, you can make friends for life. We often organise socials for kids and adults, like summer picnics, or meals out. We hold Halloween and Christmas parties for the kids, and a Summer camp, which is great for the kids to practise their martial arts techniques while playing loads of games, doing cool things like nerf gun wars and nun-chucks and hanging out with their friends. The adults will often go out together, either to watch fellow students compete in fight shows, or just a good old-fashioned pub crawl!

These things are what makes Mavericks great- train hard, learn new skills and make new friends. Come join the family.

The Academy is located on the ground floor of Finance House, Park Street, Guildford, GU1 4XB. With fully matted training areas, showers and fitness equipment, we are a perfectly located Guildford Martial Arts and Fitness Centre.

Facilities and Equipment

  • Three fully-matted training areas (including dedicated Brazilian Jiu Jitsu area)
  • Hanging bags
  • Gloves, Pads, Kick Shields
  • Fitness Equipment
  • Showers
  • Waiting Area
  • Merchandise shop

Opening Times

Our Academy is open all year round apart from around 5 days over the Christmas period and Bank Holidays. For full details of our class times please see our timetable.

Monday to Thursday
12pm-2pm & 4pm-9:30pm

12-2pm & 6pm – 8pm

10am – 4pm