Mavericks Online Lockdown Training

How To Maximise Your Home Workouts During Lockdown

5th November 2020

We are about to enter yet another lockdown. Yes, I know. It’s not nice. And just when we had settled into our new non-contact training routine at the gym. But this time things can be different, as we already know what to expect, and we can do things better this time around. I thought I would write down a few key tips to ensure you make the most out of your online training at home.

Please take your time to read these as I do believe that they can make a huge difference when it comes to lockdown workouts:

Work out at the time that fits your ‘work from home’ life.

Our timetable offers classes in the morning, in the afternoon and evening. Working out at home means you may need to adapt to events at your home that are sometimes unavoidable, making it difficult to work out at a certain times. Instead of fighting the obstacles, you can try and adapt to the natural flow. For instance, If in the evenings, you are unable to make space for yourself (e.g. perhaps the kids want the space to watch TV), try attending one of the morning or afternoon sessions instead of your usual evening workout.

Prioritise your exercise sessions.

Give your training sessions the same importance you give to other work-related appointments. It is your health at stake. You need to stay active and maintain a routine. Exercise helps managing chronic conditions, such as high blood pressure and diabetes, and can help ease depression, stress, and anxiety – which makes it really important in these times of fear and uncertainty.

Set and track personal goals

Rather than aim to “stay in shape,” set a concrete goal such as “attend 3-5 sessions a week”. Try simply using a calendar to note the length of your workout, how you coped with it, and describe the effort level. Tracking your progress can help keep you accountable, give you a sense of accomplishment, and keep you motivated. It’s also worth telling a friend what you goals are – You are less likely to skip it in case someone asks!

Try a new class

Subscribe to one of our online classes which you have not attended yet. Are you a kickboxer? Try MMA, or BJJ, and vice-versa. This is sure to keep you motivated and feeling fresh. You might even find that it complements you current routine.

Create a home workout area

If you have space available, designate an inviting area of your home to exercise, keep your equipment handy and keep it tidy. You can buy some fairly inexpensive equipment that can really boost your workouts. From £10 cheap mats to medicine balls… you can try also using resistance bands, water bottles as weights, or just your own body weight.

Instead of thinking of maintaining your fitness level, think of improving it

Try to think of physical activity as a lifestyle choice, rather than as designated events or classes. Throughout your day, find excuses to exercise. Short bouts that can for instance be 2x 15-minute workouts, or perhaps 3x 10-minute workouts… the benefits of it can be huge! Include warm-ups, cool-down times, as well as vigorous physical home chores as part of your exercise.

Be safe, be healthy and stay strong together. Oss!