June Gradings 2017

28th June 2017

We had a fantastic high standard across the board in the gradings that took place over the weekend. All our students gave maximum effort to come away with consistently high results and earning their next belts!


The Lil’ Dragons graded on Saturday 10th of June showing exemplary good behaviour and concentration throughout. Well done to everyone, and special mention to the Lil’ Dragon Brown Belts who worked extra hard!


The red belts showed great determination in their first grading- especially hard when they didn’t know what to expect. Good work!


Red/Black stripes putting in the hard work and all coming out with a fantastic result. Congratulations to those who double graded on their first grading, going straight for the red black!


Great work to all our Yellow and Orange belts, stepping up to the next level and completing a difficult grading with fantastic results- Awesome job!


The Green and Purple belts took it to the next level, enduring a long and difficult grading to earn their belts. Congratulations!


Well done to all who took part in the gradings, the team at Mavericks is super proud of our students and the effort they put into their training! #mavericksmartialarts