Kids training at Mavericks Martial Arts in Guildford

Kids Kickboxing

Kids Class (8-12 year olds)

Our Kickboxing syllabus covers a wide range of hand, leg and jumping techniques, including combinations, pad-work, set-pieces and sparring (optional). The syllabus is split into a beginners and an advanced classes.

Classes teach children the importance of discipline and respect, whilst also teaching them about how staying fit and healthy will help improve their standard of living. Kickboxing, as well as being a highly enjoyable sport, can greatly improve a child’s all-round fitness, flexibility, co-ordination, awareness and confidence.

Classes are kept fun and energetic while remaining structured, to ensure that every student gets the most out of every single class. For those who are interested we attend competitions from local interclubs, national tournaments, British Championships and World Championships. Several of our kids students have represented England and Great Britain at national and International tournaments and we are always happy to support and of our students whom wish to compete.

I can’t recommend this club highly enough. I thought my son wasn’t really the sporty type until he tried Guildford Martial Arts, now he trains every day if he can! The atmosphere is lovely, the instructors are disciplined but great with the kids, [they] are really caring. – Petra Guy

My son started with the mini’s clubs when he was 7 and really enjoyed it.. Two years later he progressed to the kids group, is a yellow belt at kickboxing and now has some of his school mates joining him.Steve Groves


Kids Kickboxing at Mavericks Martial Arts in Guildford, Surrey.