Mini Mavericks

The Mini Mavericks program is unique to us here at Mavericks Academies, devised by chief instructor and Academy owner Alex Kennedy. For children aged 4-8 years old, it teaches the basics of martial arts in a fun way including games and talking topics every lesson. The aim is to introduce children to Martial arts, but also  other fundamental aspects of the sport including respect, discipline and forms.


Aimed specifically at children of this age group, the program is structured to provide all students with a fun and safe learning environment, teaching them the foundation of our Kickboxing programme as well using our Martial Arts as a basis to help character development as well. Students are graded every 12 weeks and awarded different coloured belts for each grading. The higher up the belt system the children go, the more responsibilities they are given in the class.



“great academy, great and friendly instructors. My son Tomas loves every minute of Mini Mavericks training .
I highly recommend Mavericks academy.”- Pavel Bubenik

“Would highly recommend, great and friendly instructors, the best school in Guildford.”- Agnieszka Gralak


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Mini Mini Mavericks 

The Mini Mini Maverick program is aimed at pre-school aged children (3-4 years). The sessions will run 2 times a week- Mondays and Thursdays from 10-10.30am. The children will begin to learn some of the basics of martial arts and their first forms in a fun environment. They will be able to earn their first belt (red) on this course that they will take up to the Mini Mavericks when they reach school age. The sessions will be on a drop in basis- please phone the Academy on 01483 568455 for more information.