Mavericks Jiu Jitsu

14th June 2017

The Mavericks Jiu Jitsu team have had a fantastic couple of weeks- putting in great performances at the Bournemouth Open and the South End Open.



Mavericks Jiu Jitsu instructors Nick Fielding and Higo Gomez  took their team to attend the South End submission only open on the 27th of May. Not only did the team manage to come away with 12 individual medals, but they also won overall team 1st place.


  • Nick Fielding- GOLD
  • Curtis McGil- GOLD
  • Vanda Vecsei- GOLD
  • Alex Maxwell- SILVER
  • Georgi Dimitriov- SILVER
  • Henry Grimble- SILVER
  • Melek Ercan- 2x SILVER
  • Will Drayson- BRONZE
  • Higo Gomez- BRONZE
  • Beth Rickerby- BRONZE

Following the success of the Southend open, the team carried on their streak at The Bournemouth Open over the weekend of 4th of June 2017, and again the team dominated the tournament coming away with 15 Medals and again winning over all team 1st place alongside the rest of the IMBJJ team.


  • Nick Fielding- 2x GOLD
  • Alex Maxwell- GOLD
  • Curtis McGil- GOLD and SILVER
  • Melek Ercan- GOLD and SILVER
  • Beth Rickerby- SILVER
  • Rie Amazawa- SILVER
  • Henry Grimble- SILVER
  • Will Drayson- SILVER
  • Denny Sheehan- SILVER
  • Ed Sheehan- BRONZE
  • Evgenii Lebedev- BRONZE

It’s great to see that our Jiu Jitsu style not only works for the traditional IBJJF points system but also works in submission only rules sets.