Total Valour and Infinity South West 2017

26th September 2017

Another weekend full of Competitions for the Fighting Mavericks Team!

On Saturday 23/09/2017 Ryan Smith fought at Total Valour In Bristol- This is a fantastic event run by Epic Martial Arts and a great experience for Ryan to be involved in.  He was fighting one of the same teams fighters and started off brilliantly, dominating the first half of the first round. Unfortunately he started to lose energy and although he managed to hold off his opponent for the rest of the first round, he struggled to get back his momentum for the rest of the fight. He tried his best but couldn’t get the win, although he put on a fantastic display of skill and technique.


On Sunday 24/09/2017 Giorgio Visioli fought at Infinity South West and entered 3 Catergories- -5’2″points, – 5’2″ light contact and + 5’2″ light contact. He easily won his first fight in the points, had tricky opponent for the 2nd round but won again, unfortunatley losing out in the final. In the -5’2″ light contact he dominated all 3 rounds really showing himself to be a force to be reckoned with in this division. He also entered into the +5’2″ light contact and narrowly lost to a split decision against a much older and bigger fighter. We know that Giorgio has great things to come!


The Mavericks Team, especially our young fighters, have been gaining some awesome experiences recently and always representing the Academy to the best of their abilities.  Well done Team, lets keep it going!