Update: Reopening date 25th July 2020

14th July 2020

Hi all,

We are happy to announce that we will be restarting our indoor classes from Saturday 25th of July 2020.

When you arrive at our gym, you will notice a few changes, these are measures that we had to put in place to comply with COVID-19 safety rules and to ensure you have the best possible experience under the current circumstances. The key changes are:

  1. We will have a limited number of attendees at all times;
  2. For the first two weeks, we will be operating on an interim timetable to ensure we are providing the best and safest experience for all of you;
  3. You will need to book your slot for each class you wish to attend in advance. We will be explaining how the booking system works in a separate communication. Only those who have reserved their slot for a session will be allowed inside. One parent/guardian per child will also be allowed entry, they must maintain social distancing and wear masks at all times.
  4. The gym will be thoroughly cleaned after each session;
  5. You will be required to arrive at the gym ready for your session, wearing your training gear, and will be asked to leave immediately after your session, which means leaving in your training gear. Please do not leave any equipment or clothing at the gym and avoid using the changing rooms and toilets. Showers will not be available for general use.
  6. At your arrival, please notice the floor markings and wait for your turn to check in. You will have your temperature checked at the door and be asked to wash/sanitize your hands. You will be allocated a training area and will be asked to observe your distance from other members. You will also notice that training will be different than it used to be pre-coronavirus, as we are limited to no full-contact training.
  7. You must wear a face mask when walking inside the gym. If you have a medical condition that prevents you from doing so, please let us know in advance. Note that you will be denied entry without a mask, and you won’t be able to train.
  8. Now more than ever, good hygiene is of extreme importance. Please ensure your gear is clean, carry your own towel for hand-washing, and ensure you maintain social distancing as much as it’s physically possible.

We will be posting further information between now and the 25th July. If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email mavericksacademies@outlook.com

PS: over the next few weeks, we will also send a separate communication regarding your free training credits. As mentioned previously, these will be distributed in a staggered manner. For any questions do feel free to contact us.

We will see you on the mats soon and feel very excited to welcome you all back!

Mavericks Team