WAKO British Nationals 2018

20th February 2018

The WAKO British Nationals is one of the biggest and most important Kick boxing tournaments in the UK. Taking home a title from this competition is a massive achievement- and this weekend the Fighting Mavericks took 3!


A team of 6 competed at this years WAKO’s. The level of the competitors is world class and all our fighters did brilliantly and represented the Academy in the best way.

Saturday 17th February

Brendan Martin- Brendan who was entering the -74kg K1, took the title last year and this year had an even tougher section. However, after 3 grueling fights he took the title again becoming a 2 x WAKO British Champion!

Lizzie Bell- Lizzie has already had a fantastic run over the last 12 months, including winning a World title in her category at the WKU’s. She continued this streak winning Gold and taking the title of British National Champion in -70kg Light Con.

Giorgio Visioli- Giorgio at only 15 years old is one of the most formidable fighters in his category. He is as yet unbeaten in the -52kg continuous, and again remains undefeated to take the title of British National Champion in -52kg Light Con.

Daniel Hayles- Dan achieved his black belt only last week after a grueling 6 hour exam, and competed in the -84kg K1. After a really tough semi final, Dan had an even tougher opponent in the final who was actually brought down from the weight category above. He was ahead after the first 2 rounds and it was only in the dying seconds of the third and final round that his opponent landed a decisive shot that swayed him and opened him up to score points. It was a great fight that could have very easily gone his way but Daniel came away with a well deserved Silver.

Navneet Sihra– Nav did brilliantly well considering this is one of the most prestigious Black Belt comps around, and he fought bravely against much more experienced fighters, but gaining some great experience at this level of competition.

Luke Coppinger – Luke has just returned to training after a long break and threw himself straight into the competition. In his first rounds he did an amazing job, proving that when he’s back on top form he is going to be one to watch.


Sunday 18th February-Points

Lizzie and Giorgio continued on to the Sunday to compete in the points section of the tournament.

Lizzie Bell- Lizzie took home the Silver in -70kg after a straight final with the current world champion after an amazing fight ending in sudden death, and Bronze in the +70kg categories competing at a disadvantage against heavier fighters and still finishing on the podium.

Giorgio Visiloi– Giorgio again competed in 2 categories- -52kg and +52kg. In the -52kg he fought brilliantly against tricky opponents and just missed out on a medal.  In the +52kg, he bravely competed above his weight class against much bigger opponents and came away with the Silver after a breathtaking final against an opponent who had been dominating every other fight until he came up against Giorgio.