Watford Open 2018

13th February 2018

A small team of 5 fighters attended the Watford Open on 28/01/2018. The Watford Open is one of the most important Tournaments in the competition calendar with world class international fighters in attendance. The Mavericks Fighting Team put in another stellar performance, once again bringing home the medals.


Giorgio Visioli- Boys Advanced -52kg

In the Points Fighting category Giorgio won his first 2 fights comfortably, losing out in the semi final to a world champion in this division.

In Continuous Kickboxing Giorgio dominated all 3 fights, taking Gold and remaining undefeated in this category.


Chris Fielder- Men’s Novice +75kg

Chris is new to competitions with Watford being only the second time he has competed. In the Points Fighting section he won both his fights, taking the gold and gaining some great experience at competition level. He also fought in Continuous, fighting well but unfortunately losing out in the first round.


Navneet Sihra- Men’s Intermediate -75kg

Navneet took home Mavericks male fighter of the year in our annual awards due to his dedication to training. In the Points he narrowly lost in the first round in sudden death against the overall winner but had a great fight and was just unlucky. In Continuous he easily won the first round putting an excellent performance in, but narrowly lost out to his team mate and fellow fighting Maverick Iulian Preda.


Iulian Preda- Men’s Intermediate -75kg

Iulian also had a great year, competing often in the intermediate category. In Points he won his first fight, just losing out in the Semi Finals in a close contest. In Continuous he put on a great show coming through a very tough first fight and took gold, winning in the final against team mate Navneet.


Tom Adams- Intermediate +75kg

Tom had a huge category with many strong opponents. He sailed through his first 2 rounds, just losing out in the semi final and missing out on a medal this time.


The Watford Open was the first big tournament of the year and our fighters although a small team made a big impact in every category they entered in.  We know that this is just the beginning of an amazing year for the Fighting Mavericks team